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With headquarters and production facilities located in Italy, Miele specializes in the construction of automated machines for packaging food products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For more than fifty years, trust, experience and leadership have contributed to Miele’s success. The company’s vision is centered on meeting the needs of the customer through product versatility, machine quality, competitive prices, technical assistance and consultation. Miele operates under a “team work“ environment with a group of engineers, designers and qualified professionals constantly updating and researching innovative solutions. The flexibility of the Miele organization and the “know how” acquired, guarantee high quality packaging lines to fit customer needs.

Miele Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines are suitable for Pasta, Coffee, Sugar, Pet Food, Cheese, Frozen Foods, Snacks and more.

All Miele machines are easy to clean, require limited maintanence and servicing, and have easy access to internal parts.

Below are just a small selection of Miele machines available. See or contact us today for additional information.

Maxima Industrial Performance


  • Maximum Production Speed
  • Excellent for high volumes
  • Optimized feeding of the packing line

Simple Functionality


  • A large range of accessories
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent Production Speeds
  • Unbeatable precision and reliability

Olimpia 400 V Brushless Production Perfection


  • Highest bag quality
  • Flexibility
  • Top level accessories
  • High grade efficiency



For over 35 years, Lafer has been in business applying the latest technologies to produce a wide range of customized packaging machines in the food industry. Lafer believes every customer is a partner and possibilities are endless by designing, testing and evaluating each idea to find a solution. Located in Italy, Lafer has a well-deserved reputation for quality, customer service, and honesty.

Lafer Horizontal Flow-Thru Wrappers are suitable for Pasta, Confectionary, Bread, Pet Food and more.

Below are just a small selection of Lafer machines available. Contact us for additional information.

Robustness and Flexibility

  • Full service
  • Manual loading or integration with low/medium speed automatic lines
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Up to 150 bpm
Max Product Width: 200 mm
Max Product Height: 120 mm
Bag Length (Min/Max): 50 mm / 600 mm
Max Reel Width: 650 mm

High Performance

The innovative welding head guarantees air-tight welding for packaging solutions as well as exceptional flexibility and productivity. The Motion HP is intended for clients who do not want to compromise, and are looking for a packaging machine that combines flexibility, high performance and air-tightness.

Up to 80 bpm
Max Product Width: 370 mm
Max Product Height: 180 mm
Bag Length (Min/Max): 80 mm / 600 mm
Max Reel Width: 750 mm


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