For over 35 years, Lafer has been in business applying the latest technologies to produce a wide range of customized packaging machines in the food industry. Lafer believes every customer is a partner and possibilities are endless by designing, testing and evaluating each idea to find a solution. Located in Italy, Lafer has a well-deserved reputation for quality, customer service, and honesty.

Lafer Horizontal Flow-Thru Wrappers are suitable for Pasta, Confectionary, Bread, Pet Food and more.

Below are just a small selection of Lafer machines available. Contact us for additional information.

Entry Level

  • Full Service Medium Speed wrapping machine
  • 3 brushless motors for manual loading
  • Easy to use

Up to 120 bpm

Max Product Width: 180mm
Max Product Height: 100mm
Bag Length (Min/Max): 80mm/530mm
Max Reel Width: 500mm

Robustness and Flexibility

  • Full service
  • Manual loading or integration with low/medium speed automatic lines
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Up to 150 bpm

Max Product Width: 200 mm
Max Product Height: 120 mm
Bag Length (Min/Max): 50 mm / 600 mm
Max Reel Width: 650 mm

High Performance

  • Designed for continuous use
  • Fully electronic machine

Up to 600 bpm

Max Product Width: 120mm
Max Product Height: 60mm
Bag Length (Min/Max): 80mm /250mm
Max Reel Width: 400mm

We now have a showroom featuring the Lafer Cosmic Machine

Visit our Brooklyn, NY showroom to test and run your own product on our machine.


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